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Father to Penelope Hanson. I grew up in Vancouver, WA and now reside in Keizer, OR with my little family. I work for CUSTOMS Info as their resident Internet marketing expert.

Grandpa and Grandma Tippets Visit Penelope

Steve and Luann Tippets with their Granddaughter, Penelope Hanson.

Steve and Luann Tippets holding Penny. 7 July 2013

Steve and Luann Tippets were in town to (among other things) visit Penelope. They went to Church with us and generally hung out at our house for the day. Penny was happy as always to see and entertain her grandparents.

Baby Hacker

Penny always reaches for my keyboard when she’s on my lap at my computer. We decided to have a little fun and filmed this. is Live!

Penelope Hanson

Penelope in her car seat

Hello Friends and family who will probably be the only ones who see this site. This site is for Bryce and Erin to have a record of their daughter Penelope Elaine Hanson. We shall see how often they will actually post to this blog.